That's Italian Dressing





Chill and serve!

Serving Suggestions:

  • It is delicious over any salad, and also tastes great over steamed broccoli, cabbage, or green beans.

  • Try it in sandwiches instead of mayonnaise for a real taste treat!

  • Don't miss trying this as a dip for a raw veggie plate. Your friends will be begging you for the recipe!

  • We even enjoy this dressing on a baked potato, or over steamed red potatoes with cooked carrots and cabbage for an Irish treat.

  • Makes 2 ½ cups.

From Foods for Thought, p 37

Copyright  Used by permission.


Blend until very smooth and creamy:

2 C                 Water

1 C                  Raw sunflower seeds

l/4 tsp              Celery seed

3 tsp                Onion powder

1 tsp                Garlic powder OR 1 clove fresh garlic

1/2 C               Lemon juice

1 tsp                Salt

After blending is complete, add:

1 T                   Parsley

2 tsp               Basil

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