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Living Free ~ Hope TV Series ~ Season 1
Finding Freedom from Habits that Hurt

The Hope TV Living Free! Fi­­­­nding Freedom from Habits that Hurt is a thirteen-session lifestyle program designed to help individuals overcome addictions—for good! It combines educational, inspirational, and motivational elements along with an aggressive lifestyle approach to cleansing, rebuilding, and sustaining a healthy recovery from habits that hurt. Stream the whole series below!


All new, streaming all lifestyle programs on-demand!

  • We provide PDF versions of the 26 Balanced Living Tracts. These can be especially useful for emailing participants of online programs. You can also purchase the beautiful 4-color 5 x 8 tracts in our store!

  • Suggested readings from the book Living Free! Finding Freedom from Habits that Hurt (suggested for purchase for facilitators and participants).

  • BONUS OPTION: Visit the Lifestyle Matters Store if you are interested in purchasing the 13 scripted PowerPoints that can be used to present your own series.


  •    1: Engineered for Success

  •    2: Freedom Keys

  •    3: Your External Environment: Lifestyle

  •    4: Your Internal Environment: Attitude

  •    5: Up in Smoke

  •    6: You Can Quit

  •    7: Creating a Lifestyle: Nutrition

  •    8: Creating a Lifestyle: Exercise and Sleep

  •    9: Caffeine and Alcohol

  •  10: Depression: Lifestyle Links for Beating the Blues

  •  11: Stress and the Entertainment Trap

  •  12: Creating Connections: Why Relationships Matter

  •  13: Habits that Last and Situational Awareness

Hope TV Living Free! Fi­­­­nding Freedom from Habits that Hurt (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)


The Hope TV Living Free! Fi­­­­nding Freedom from Habits that Hurt program contains a Facilitator Guide, plus the following items for each of the 13 sessions:

  • A Hope TV Living Free episode you can access for each session.

  • Printable Summary & Discussion Guides for presenters and participants.

  • Printable Handouts for participants specific to each session.

  • We strongly encourage you to use the printed, 4-color Balanced Living Tracts for in-person seminars when possible.

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