Balanced Living PowerPoints

The Balanced Living PowerPoint Series featuring 26 compelling wellness topics contains:


  • 26 fully scripted, non-editable OR editable PowerPoints, short and long version in English

  • Editable version available in Spanish

  • Three 7-session seminars that include PDF interactive session guides for each night

  • A PDF Facilitator's Guide to conduct the seminars, including Speaker Tips

  • A Balanced Living Supper Club Guide for holding monthly supper clubs

  • Download Only

También Disponible En Español!

(Also available in Spanish)

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The Balanced Living PowerPoint Series is now available in a graphic-rich, professionally produced, 26 short video FREE downloadable series.

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Balanced Living PowerPoint Series consists of 26 exciting, fully scripted wellness topics in a short (7-10 min) and longer (20-30 min) version. These PowerPoints can be used as stand-alone presentations in any order. Each presentation has been carefully researched, fully-scripted, and professionally produced in an attractive, graphic-rich PowerPoint format. Ideal for public venues of all types, including church, community, evangelism, health, or home settings.

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