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Life After Loss - Growth out of

Six Easy Steps for Getting Started  

Conducting your own Lifestyle Matters seminar is a unique, rewarding, and exciting experience.  Your seminar can be held for large or small groups, or in formal or informal settings.  The following steps will help you get started:

1. Purchase the Lifestyle Matters Presenter’s Packages of your choice.  Simple Solutions, Foods for Thought, and Living Free can be used in any sequence or as stand-alone programs.   

2. When you receive your Presenter’s Package, view the training DVD that is in your notebook.  Then read the section in the Facilitator’s Guide that covers how to plan your program.  

3. Choose your helpers, and have them view the training DVD.  Locate the multimedia presentation CD that is in your notebook and print each team member a copy of the manual.

4. Follow the easy instructions for program planning and advertising. We encourage you to utilize Balance magazine as part of your community preparation or program follow-up.

5. Purchase the participant workbooks and other materials you choose to sell at your seminar.

6. Plan ahead the follow-up programs in your yearly sequence of events so as to increase growth, decisions for Christ, and discipleship.

12 Reasons Why Lifestyle Matters is Unique  Lifestyle Matters programs and materials:

1.Use a whole-person wellness approach emphasizing mental, physical, and spiritual health.

2.Are scientifically sound and fully referenced in peer reviewed scientific journals.  

3.Combine practical steps for lasting success with God’s love and power to change lives.

4.Are short and concise, easy to host, and convenient for busy schedules.

5.Are inexpensive to conduct and attend.

6.Include attractive, balanced, practical power points.  

7.Are useful for all size groups from one-on-one outreach, to onesession meetings, classroom style education, supper clubs, and professional presentations.  

8.Are designed to promote personal interaction using a variety of tools including scripted Power Points; interactive breakout sessions, live nutrition features; handouts, workbooks, and multimedia presentations.

9.Help you create an atmosphere for lasting friendships.  

10.Compliment other meetings and health intervention programs.  

11.Include books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, and cookbooks that can be purchased at wholesale prices for resale at your event.

12.Has partnered with to provide top notch marketing and advertising materials to successfully promote your event.


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