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Golden Waffles







Put all ingredients in large bowl.

Add 10-12 C water, or enough to make it blend-able.

Blend mixture, 3 C at a time, until smooth; add water if necessary to help mixture blend.

Transfer blended batter into another bowl as you go. Batter thickens as it sits, so add a small amount of water as needed.

Cook for 8-10 minutes in a sprayed waffle iron until golden and firm.

Cool on rack—best served the next day.

These waffles freeze well.


8 C Rolled oats

3/4 C Soy Flour

1/2 C Cornmeal (optional)

1/2 C Dates OR 1/3 C Honey

2 tsp Salt

4 tbsp Vanilla OR 3 tbsp Maple extract

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