Camp Meetings

Michigan Camp Meeting -

Join us!  3 classes daily - M-F

9:30 - 10:45am - Let's Move PLUS! - Gregg Morrow; Andrews Univ Fitness Instructor

2 - 3:15pm - Jesus' Ministry Illuminate the Path to Optimal Health - David DeRose, MD

3:30 -4:45 pm - Coaching & Cooking Skills for Health Outreach - Vicki, Evelyn, JoAnn Rachor & Madlyn Hamblin


Michigan Camp Meeting - Health Tracks

Classes will run M-F - See brochure for class locations


9:30 am - Gregg Morrow - Fit & free! Mornings (exercise with us!) 

2 - 3:30pm Vicki & Evelyn will be presenting Balanced Living - train to use our new PowerPoints that go with the Balanced Living Tracts!

Oregon Camp Meeting - Vicki Griffin

The Battle for the Brain -- Resolutions can become realities, not ropes of sand! Vicki Griffin will be presenting the new Fit & free! Building Brain and Body Health series. Don’t miss this exciting, practical, research-based series on building a better brain, better habits, and a better life in your crazy-busy world! We will cover 2 exciting topics in each 90-minute session.

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