Presenter Pack - Simple Solutions: Lifestyle Links to Reduce Stress and Depression

Everything you need to facilitate a series of health outreach meetings. The Lifestyle Matters programs are designed to help you and your participants improve physical health and address chronic disease from a lifestyle perspective.  Learn how to optimize mental function, overcome addictions, and implement practical lifestyle strategies for better health.

Simple Solutions: Lifestyle Links to Reduce Stress and Depression Presenter Pack: Can a faulty diet increase stress, irritability, and risk for depression? How do diet and lifestyle affect immune function and stress system activity? Learn the latest from science on how to cope with stress and lower your stress proneness, while decreasing disease risk, improving immune function, and increasing energy! Discover how simple lifestyle changes can have a dramatic effect on your ability to deal with life's daily stressors. Learn how to lower stress and beat depression--one bite at a time!

Each Lifestyle Matters Presenter’s Package Contains:

  • Complete printed Facilitator’s Guide that includes a notebook; session instructions; handouts; planning guides; advertising materials; and much more.
  • CD with a downloadable version of the Facilitator’s Guide.
  • Program DVD containing special segments for each session.
  • Fully scripted free Power Point presentations.
  • Handy free Plug-n-play DVD presentations of Power Points and Lifestyle Features.
  • Audio CD version of the participant’s book for easy listening and familiarizing yourself with the material.
  • Fully referenced, 4-color participant’s book - FREE sample when you purchase Presenter's Package
  • A volume of the Guilt-free Gourmet plant-cuisine cookbook - FREE sample when you purchase Presenter's Package

Recommended additional material for participants: Simple Solutions Books (participant book used in seminar) sold in packs of 5. Other optional material sold in packs of 5 for participants: Guilt-free Gourmet Cookbooks, Simple Solutions CD's & DVD's.