3 Set Bundle - Presenter Pack

Everything you need to facilitate a series of health outreach meetings. The Lifestyle Matters programs are designed to help you and your participants improve physical health and address chronic disease from a lifestyle perspective.  Learn how to optimize mental function, overcome addictions, and implement practical lifestyle strategies for better health.

Each Lifestyle Matters Presenter’s Package Contains:

  • Complete printed Facilitator’s Guide that includes a notebook; session instructions; handouts; planning guides; advertising materials; and much more.
  • CD with a downloadable version of the Facilitator’s Guide.
  • Program DVD containing special segments for each session.
  • Fully scripted free Power Point presentations.
  • Handy free Plug-n-play DVD presentations of Power Points and Lifestyle Features.
  • Audio CD version of the participant’s book for easy listening and familiarizing yourself with the material.
  • Fully referenced, 4-color participant’s book - FREE sample when you purchase Presenter's Package
  • A volume of the Guilt-free Gourmet plant-cuisine cookbook - FREE sample when you purchase Presenter's Package