Living Free - Audio CD
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Living Free - Audio CD

Living Free:  Finding Freedom from Habits that Hurt

Did You Know?   When bad habits become addictions, subtle changes take place in the brain.  Bad habits and addictions can involve food, behaviors, and activities as well as drugs.  Behavioral addictions such as pornography, internet, television, gambling, or work cause changes in the brain similar to drug addiction. Simple but powerful lifestyle interventions can break bad habits, curb cravings, and cut the cord of addiction--whatever the addiciton is. Living Free shows you how bad habits and addictions develop, and gives you practical guidelines on how to overcome addictions, create a positive mental, spiritual, and physical environment, and change your life--for good!

This Audiobook is an abridged version of the 360-page Living Free book. it gives practical, easy-to-follow, scienfific steps on overcoming food addictions; alcohol, drug, and tobacco addictions; TV and internet addictions, and much more.