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Hearts on Fire--Dialing Down Inflammation, Dialing up Health!

Hearts on Fire. Discover the link between chronic inflammation, diabetes, depression, and heart disease. Learn powerful tips on taming the fires of inflammation and building a better brain, better habits, better health, and a better life!


Your genes are not necessarily your destiny. Learn lifestyle principles that affect gene expression. 

Lifestyle Links to Healthy Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a silent thief that steals mental as well as physical health.  Learn the ABC's of achieving healthy blood pressure naturally!

Engineered for Success!

Are you ready to gain traction in your mental, physical, and spiritual health goals? What influence do genetics, environment, and choice have on brain health? Is it possible to “beat the odds” and have a fruitful life, stability, and healthy mental function if you have been dealt hardships and trouble? Learn how whether your challenges are a result of choice, chance, or circumstance, you are “made to make it!”

Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes & Obesity

Balanced Living—Lifestyle Links

Beat Diabetes, Prediabetes, & Overweight


Digestion: A Churning Question

Digestion: A Churning Question

Bubbles belong in fish tanks, not your gut. Ease digestive ailments and improve mental and physical health with these simple strategies. Discover the brain/body link with food, mood, memory, and learning, and how to achieve and maintain simple, healthful lifestyle links to better digestive and mental function.

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