BALANCE MAGAZINE Available only through HOPESOURCE - 800.274.0016.

SETS of SIX issues are available, as well as 50-packs of single issues.

Balance Magazine  is an information-packed, 16-page full-color magazine packed with articles on lifestyle, health, fitness, disease prevention, practical living, and spiritual health.  Written by experts in their field, there are twelve magazines to choose from. Excellent for sharing. Available in single or bulk quantities. Perfect for neighborhood sharing, outreach at the office, or as an attractive, informative addition to church or community programs. Balance is an attractive, information-packed magazine available in 6 issues that that features:      

  • Cutting information on health by experts in their field.
  • Practical health, nutrition, and lifestyle tips.
  • Uplifting spiritual insights.
  • Delicious plant-based recipes.


Description of each magazine