Balanced Living

New! Balanced Living PowerPoint Series:

The Balanced Living PowerPoint Series featuring 26 compelling wellness topics contains:

  • 26 fully scripted, editable PowerPoints, short and long version in English and Spanish

  • Available as Download or CD

  • Three 7-session seminars that include PDF interactive session guides for each night

  • A PDF Facilitator's Guide to conduct the seminars, including Speaker Tips

  • A Balanced Living Supper Club Guide for holding monthly supper clubs

  • A set of beautiful 4-color Balanced Living large-sized Tracts (US only)

  • The retail price for the CDs is $99.95, but quantity purchases of 10 or more are available at a 1/2 price amount of $50.00 each, English or Spanish. (call 866-624-5433 or order quantities)

  • Also available at Michigan Adventist Book Centers

New! Balanced Living Video Series

The Balanced Living PowerPoint Series is now available in a graphic-rich, professionally produced, 26-short video downloadable series.

  • Each 5-7 minute presentation is filled with practical, powerful, and compelling information designed to reach the heart as well as the intellect.

  • Biblical, inspiring, truth-filled, and motivational.

  • Download price: $24.95

Balanced Living CD PowerPoints and Video series are perfect for use in:

  • Evangelistic meetings

  • Supper clubs

  • Cooking schools

  • Health nuggets at church

  • Prayer meeting

  • Home ministry





Los PPTs del 1- 26 están disponibles para ser descargados por separado en español


Balanced Living Tracts are 26 vital health topics which can be used seperately as a sharing tool.   Each tract can be also be used in conjunction with Balanced Living Powerpoints/DVDs.

Tracts are available in two sizes: Small - Sets of 26 or 100/pk, 4.25" x 2.75"   &  Large - Sets of 26 or 50/pk, 8.5" x 5.5".      

Large and small tracts in English and Spanish available only through HOPESOURCE - 800-274-0016.


                    English Set 1-26                                                                           Spanish Set 1-24



GLOW Tracts

    Giving Light to Our World (GLOW) is a growing project of literature distribution. These tracts are a great tool to share the Bible's message of hope in a dark world. 1 each of 24 titles -- 2.75" x 4.25"

Purchase your set today!   For individual GLOW  titles, information, or to purchase in bulk, visit the GLOW  Website.